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Vol 24 No 2 Feb/March 2019

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This book is now Out of Print.
A new edition has been published, the details can be seen here:
Law in Northern Ireland 3rd ed isbn 9781509919260

Law in Northern Ireland 2nd ed

ISBN13: 9781849464598
New Edition ISBN: 9781509919260
Previous Edition ISBN: 9780853899891
Published: August 2013
Publisher: Hart Publishing
Country of Publication: Ireland
Format: Paperback
Price: Out of print

This is the latest edition of a book which is the standard introductory text for newcomers to the legal system of Northern Ireland.

After explaining how law-making has evolved in Northern Ireland, particularly since the partition of Ireland in 1921, the book devotes separate chapters to the current constitutional position of Northern Ireland, to the making of legislation and case law for that jurisdiction, and to the influence of EU and European Convention law.

It then examines the principles of public law applying in Northern Ireland and outlines the role of some of the public authorities there. It next moves to chapters on criminal law and criminal procedure, followed by chapters on private law and civil procedure. It ends by examining the legal professions, legal education, the legal aid regimes and legal costs.

There are also appendices with sample sources of law. Throughout the book, the focus is on conveying in comprehensible terms the essential features of this small, but historically very controversial, legal jurisdiction.

Previously The Legal System of Northern Ireland.

Northern Ireland Law
Ch 1 The Evolution of Law-Making in Northern Ireland
1.1 Introduction
1.2 Brehon Law
1.5 Common Law 1.7 Parliaments
1.9 The Creation of Northern Ireland
1.12 The Stormont Parliament
1.16 Direct Rule
1.18 The Troubles
1.22 Efforts to Restore Devolution
1.27 The Belfast (Good Friday) Agreement 1998
1.30 Implementing the Good Friday Agreement
Ch 2 Constitutional Law in Northern Ireland
2.1 The United Kingdom's Constitution
2.3 The Rule of Law
2.7 Parliamentary Sovereignty
2.12 Separation of Powers
2.14 Constitutional Acts
2.16 The United Kingdom Parliament
2.19 The Northern Ireland Affairs Committee
2.20 The Status of Northern Ireland
2.25 The Northern Ireland Assembly
2.33 The Northern Ireland Executive
2.39 The Pledge of Office and Codes of Conduct
2.44 Assembly Committees
2.46 North-South and East-West Bodies
2.50 The Northern Ireland Office
2.52 The Civil Service
2.54 Local Government
Ch 3 Legislation in Northern Ireland
3.1 The Two Sources of Law
3.3 Basic Principles Relating to Legislation
3.5 Acts of the UK Parliament
3.10 How Acts of Parliament are Made
3.15 The Form of Acts of Parliament
3.16 Secondary Legislation
3.18 Acts of the Northern Ireland Assembly
3.23 Orders in Council
3.32 Statutory Instruments
3.35 Statutory Rules
3.40 How Secondary Legislation is Made
3.45 Further Controls on Secondary Legislation
3.50 Prerogative Legislation
3.52 Other Legal Documents
3.54 How to Find Legislation
3.57 Legislation on the Internet
3.61 Printed Volumes
3.66 Law Reform Ch 4 Courts and Case Law in Northern Ireland
4.1 Introduction
4.2 Courts in Ireland before 1921
4.6 The Court of Judicature of Northern Ireland
4.9 The Judiciary in Northern Ireland
4.10 Justices of the Supreme Court
4.15 Judges of the Superior Courts
4.20 Judges of the Inferior Courts
4.25 Masters and Clerks
4.28 Members of Tribunals
4.33 The Judicial Appointments Commission
4.36 Conflicts of Interest and Immunity from Suit
4.39 Court Inspections
4.40 Basic Principles Relating to Case Law
4.42 How Courts Interpret Legislation
4.44 How to Find Case Law
4.45 Case Law on the Internet
4.49 Printed Law Reports
Ch 5 International Law in Northern Ireland
5.1 International Law
5.6 Treaties
5.9 Other Sources of International Law
5.10 European Union Law
5.23 The EU Charter of Fundamental Rights
5.24 The Court of Justice of the European Union
5.33 Other EU Courts
5.36 How to Find EU Law
5.38 The European Convention on Human Rights
5.44 The Convention's Impact on Law in Northern Ireland
Ch 6 Public Law in Northern Ireland
6.1 Public Law and Private Law
6.3 Public Authorities
6.5 Administrative Law and Judicial Review
6.12 The Ombudsman
6.22 Human Rights Law
6.28 The Northern Ireland Human Rights Commission
6.32 Coroners' Courts
6.40 The Parades Commission
6.45 The Information Commissioner's Office
6.47 Equality Law and the Equality Commission
6.62 The Commissioner for Children and Young People
6.64 The Commissioner for Older People
6.66 Welfare Law
6.82 Housing Law
6.86 Planning Law
Ch 7 Criminal Law in Northern Ireland
7.1 Introduction
7.2 The Department of Justice
7.5 General Principles of Criminal Law
7.14 Criminal Offences
7.26 Anti-terrorism Law
7.36 Levels of Crime
7.41 Paramilitary Crime
7.43 The Police Service
7.54 Bodies Overseeing the Police
7.69 The Prison Service
7.85 The Probation Service
7.89 Services for Victims
7.95 Other Criminal Justice Bodies
Ch 8 Criminal Proceedings in Northern Ireland
8.1 Introduction 8.2 Summary and Indictable Offences
8.5 Starting Criminal Proceedings
8.16 The Rights of Arrested Persons
8.26 Bail and Remand
8.34 The Prosecution System
8.43 Summary Trials
8.62 Committal Proceedings
8.66 Trials on Indictment
8.82 Children and Criminal Justice
8.99 T he Law of Evidence
Ch 9 Private Law in Northern Ireland
9.1 Branches of Private Law
9.2 Land Law
9.20 Trust Law
9.24 Succession Law
9.36 Contract Law
9.49 Consumer Law
9.62 Commercial Law
9.67 Company Law
9.74 Tort Law
9.82 Compensation for Criminal Offences
9.93 Employment Law
9.117 Family Law
9.128 Child Law
Ch 10 Civil Proceedings in Northern Ireland
10.1 The Nature of Civil Proceedings
10.2 Civil Proceedings in a Magistrates' Court
10.8 Small Claims Courts
10.15 Civil Proceedings in a County Court
10.23 Proceedings in the High Court
10.36 Enforcing Civil Judgments
Ch 11 Lawyers in Northern Ireland
11.1 Introduction
11.2 Law Officers
11.8 Solicitors
11.18 Barristers
11.26 Legal Education
11.31 State Help With Legal Costs
11.33 Legal Advice and Assistance
11.39 Assistance By Way of Representation
11.41 Civil Legal Aid
11.46 Criminal Legal Aid
11.51 T he Northern Ireland Legal Services Commission
11.55 Legal Costs
11.59 Costs in Criminal Proceedings
11.65 Costs in Civil Proceedings
APPENDIX 1 Civil Aviation Act 2012 (Table of Contents)
APPENDIX 2 Presumption of Death Act (NI 2009) (extracts)
APPENDIX 3 Northern Ireland Policing Board (NI) Order 2007
APPENDIX 4 Misuse of Drugs (Amendment) Regulations (NI) 2010
APPENDIX 5 Robinson (Iris) v Sunday Newspapers Ltd (2011)